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"The label and many who visit the Tender Stone Website have been on us for a little more information about the band. We have avoided it to this point because it is actually difficult to summarize or capture the band short of hearing us or seeing us play. So, we start with the beginning and end at the end.

The band debuted November 9, 1989, the same day the Berlin Wall fell. Its unclear what the connection is, but we're sure there is one. It all started as an outlet for a bunch of lawyers working at large New York law firms. However, playing in front of large, appreciative crowds deceived us into thinking that we were actually decent. [Ed. Lifetime Television and a bunch of radio stations think so.] So, we somewhat foolishly kept playing.

These days, we've cut down on the number of lawyers in the band-now 4-and the music has improved; go figure. We're still known around the clubs as "the lawyer band" and get the usual comments of "you don't look or sound like lawyers." The reason for that is the band is made up of some exceptional players with extensive touring, studio and writing credits.

The members of the band are Matthew King, Alan Sanders, Scott Warren, Craig Wehringer, Charles Sanders and Maria Tessinari. For live performances and future recording efforts, we have been joined by David Gelman.

If you look at the CD's [Ed. The Work Release Program] you don't have it, please buy it] credits, you'll see that over the years, there have been a number of personnel changes in and out of the band. Their differing respective styles from rock and R&B to jazz have left a marked imprint on the music. Now the music, which started out as basic, simple four-chord rock, evolved to what it is today. What's that? Now we get to the "it sounds like...." stuff.

So far, the music has been compared to: Uncle Tupelo and its alumni bands-Wilco and Sun Volt; a mix between that, Springsteen and Natalie Merchant and/or Dire Straits etc., and the comparisons go on. Surprisingly, we take little issue with these comparisons because we like all of those artists and are flattered by any comparison to them. However, we also feel that, while the music is evocative of these artists, the music goes a little further down the same music and story road. We don't know if this helps anywhere as much as listening to the first few cuts, but at least it will get the label to move on to other things, whatever they may be, to nag us about.



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